Sound and Vibration Consultants
Major Industrial Assignments Carried Out
2 Wheeler manufacturing  Co. in Western & North India
Improvisation on Ride Comfort Reduction of vibrations by improvisation of the frame by conducting the vibration Analysis and then carrying out Modal Analysis.
Passenger Car Manufacturing Co. in Western India
Improvisation on Ride comfort in passenger compartment. Noise reduction in the Driver's compartments.
Tractor Manufacturing Co. in Western & North India
Tractor engine noise reduction. 
Engine Test Room Noise Reduction 

Design refinement & modification of Tractor fender, to avoid cracks on Fenders.

Reduction of vibrations on the instrument panel of the Tractor. 

Design modification & improvisation of Head Light assembly to avoid Failures of Head Lamps in the field.

Educational Institutes
Refinement of the Rocker cover of heavy Truck by Vibration measurement & Modal Analysis. 

Refinement of the scale model of Water Tank by Modal Analysis.

Identification of the Natural frequencies & Mode Shapes on the scale model of the Passenger Bogie. 

Improvisation of Drill Bit & Tap life by Vibration Measurement, Analysis & measuring Natural Frequencies & manually plotting Mode Shapes.

Captive Power Plants & Power Generating Stations
Implementation of the Predictive & Preventive Maintenance.  Successful forcasting of the Turbo Set failure & that of other critical machines. 

Early detection of scaling on the Steam Turbine Blades & thereby avoiding catastrophic break down of main Turbine.

Measurement of the Natural frequencies, Mode Shapes on the 9.5 Mw Stator to avoid failures of windings. 

During the trail runs of the ID, FD fans, detection of damages liners in bearing housings.

Similar successful assignments in Chemical, Steel, Cement, Paper Industries.
Few successful assignments worldwide.