Sound and Vibration Consultants
SVC offers following services to the Indian Industries & Educational Institutes:
Industrial Noise :
  • Industrial Noise Measurement & Analysis
  • Implementation of Industrial Noise Control/Reduction Program
  • Noise mapping of shop floor
  • Identification of Noise Sources within a complex machine, by using Sound Intensity
  • Sound Power Measurement of Products
  • Undertaking complete assignment of Anechoic Chamber - from Concept to Commissioning
  • Establishing complete NVH Lab - from Vendor sourcing to Commissioning, Training & Participating in the actual Project
  • Providing solutions to Building Acoustics
Industrial Machine Vibrations :
  • Field Vibration Measurements & Analysis to identify cause of Vibrations
  • In - situ Dynamic Balancing : No limitation on Rotor RPM, Correction Radius, Rotor Mass
  • Implementation of Predictive & Preventive Maintenance Program through Condition Monitoring : Trend Analysis, Forecasting the date of failure, Cause of failure
  • Participation in a Product Noise & Vibration reduction program/project of your R & D Department by
    • Identifying source of Noise & Vibrations
    • Suggesting you ways & means to improve on Noise & Vibration sources
    • Suggesting Structural Modifications to reduce vibration problems
    • Validation of your FEM Model with Modal Analysis, using your own systems
    • Refining your existing design to have better performance in order to obtain lower
Noise & Vibration Laboratories:
  • Participation in establishing complete Noise & Vibration laboratory
    • Identification of your needs
    • Identification of suitable instrumentation
    • Preparing technical specifications
    • Technical evaluation of bids & recommendations
  • Training and
    • Participation in actual measurement process to reduce Noise & Vibrations
    • Participation in Ph.D & M.E. projects at Engineering Colleges & Universities
Software Development Group:
The Administrator, The Machine Condition Monitoring Software To assist the implementation program, this follow up software has been developed. It is useful tool for follow up action for maintenance people. We submit the report based on vibration analysis on diskette along with hard copy in Microsoft WORD document format. This software gives graphical user interface to that report, which enables conveniently for the entire staff of Maintenance Department to know the status under which critical machinery in their Plant is operating.